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Silicone Belly Pregnant Woman Exsil

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Once more again Exsil came to the rescue and created a unique product for our customers. The creators of the Perky breast bra Natural Bra and now bring you the pregnant belly. This product was designed and developed with people in mind that because oft he nature will never be able to realize the dream of a natural tender tummy look. So if this is fake a pregnancy, Exsil has the solution.

Touch is as a realistic, smooth and comfortable belly, and still moves along the body while walking.

It is made with high quality medical silicone that characterizes Exsil in all its products.

To prevent perspiration and other types of discomfort the rear of the belly is lined with cotton fabric.

They can be ordered in two sizes: 6 months pregnancy and pregnancy of 9 months, also can choose from 5 sizes fit on belts. We recommend measuring body circumference at the top of the belly to assure that the belly feels properly and safely.

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