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Perky Breast Bra "FULL"

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Perky Breast Bra "Full" is a brassiere made from 100% silicon. He already has the shape and size of a perfect female breast. The very brassiere is already the breast and the breast is already a bra with straps and back.

Increased effect provided by Perky Breast Bra 'Full' is equal to or greater than extra large size silicone implants, an effect that is not possible with simple modelers existing within the market. With this product you can have big breast.

The bulges of Perky Breast Bra 'Full' are made integrally with silicone medical degree giving as natural touch features that are not possible to detect when used under the field.

The Perky Breast Bra 'Full version' is indicated for people who have little or nothing to male chest wall natural breast like.

Without plastic surgery, you will get a good breast augmentation.

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